Mr. Youhong Peng

Goldsmiths, University Of London | London

based in London


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Youhong Peng (Friendred) is an installation and computational artist currently based in London. He is currently a PhD student in Goldsmiths, University of London, researching the intertwined relationship between technology and performance arts in the field of HCI with the supervision from prof. Atau Tanaka.

Since 2015, Friendred has been focused on disciplines crossing arts, technology and science. His recent work bridged the conversation between body language and algorithmic machine, exploring the sensory apparatus and interactive systems. Through exploring the technologized elements and influences in the society and its correlation and entangled relationship with the other disciplines, the emergence of the embodiment, technologized performance and architectural body became his main research interest.

His works were published on several frontiers of design and technology platforms including DesignBoom and CreativeApplications etc. and won several prestigious awards including Shanghai Da Shi Award, the Bronze prize in the third Cultural and Creative Design Competition and others.


Goldsmiths, University of London, UK Sep 2018 - present

PhD candidate in Arts & Computational Technology (ATC)

• My research interest is in the intersection of technological intervention, utilization of smart materials and contemporary dance performance.

Goldsmiths, University of London, UK Sep 2016 - Sep 2018

MFA in Computational Arts (2 years, Full-time)/Awarded Distinction

• Course material covered general physical computing and included modules in programming skills (C++ / Java / P5.js / Shader), creative coding and digital culture
• Year 1 final Project: “Baptism / Digital Shaman”: Used skeleton tracking, IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) boards and projection mapping, written in C++, to represent the process of shamanic sacrificial ceremony.
• Year 2 is chiefly focused on researching on HCI (Human Computer Interface) and experimenting with computational methodology
• Attended Living the Data City Challenge in Eindhoven, Netherlands and Sex Robotics Hackathon in London
• Awarded a government-sponsored overseas educational full scholarship, with stipend from the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC)
• Awarded Banco Santander Scholarship
• Took elective modules such as Machine Learning, Advanced Audio Visual and Virtual Reality
• Final Project, Skin-awareness exploring the relationship of body and sensory environment. Forty laser beams controlled by machine learning algorithm read and encode choreography. This piece crosses the intersection of technological intervention, architectural fabrication, and contemporary dance performance.

Jiangnan University, China Sep 2012 – Jun 2016

BA in Animation / Digital Media Arts (4 years, Full-time) GPA: 3.50 / 4.00; Scores Ranking: 1st

• Study areas included: Computer-Aided Design, Scene Design, 3D/2D Animation Design, Techniques in Design Creativity, Interface Design, Computer Programming, Interactive Art and Sound Design
• Ranked 1st in my class to be awarded the Rong Zhiquan Scholarship and Gujing Distillery Scholarship
• One of the top two candidates employed as an Intern at Ant Finance Alibaba Information Technology Co. as a Visual and Interactive Designer
• Final Year Project, Red Psycho: Used Kinect detecting depth image of performer and image mapping and blending application written in C++, this project won the Bronze Prize in ZiJing Culture Creative Design competition, the Excellence Award in Dashi Award competition and distinction in University and Province Awards, Workshops, Conferences and Citations


• 2019 “Skin-awareness II” was exhibited at Ugly Duck
• 2018 “Baptism/Digital Trance” was shortlisted the Emerge Digital Art Prize
• 2017 “Red Psycho” was awarded the Excellence Award in the eighteenth Da Shi Award in Shanghai
• 2017 “Touch Me” was awarded the Finalist Award in the 2nd Think - Youth Shanghai International Digital Creation, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition
• 2016 “Red Psycho” was awarded Bronze prize in the third Cultural and Creative Design Competition
• 2016 Overseas Education Full Scholarship sponsored by the Chinese Scholarship Council
• 2016 “Nature is Nobody” and “You” were exhibited at Dutch Design Week
• 2016 "Red Psycho" was awarded the Excellent graduation design
• 2016 GPA ranked first for the academic year
• 2015 GujingGong Distillery Scholarship from Jiangnan University
• 2014 “Thought” and “Colorless” were awarded the finalist prize at the UXPA User Experience Design Award
• 2014 “Symbiosis” was selected for exhibition at the first Cultural and Creative Design Competition in Jiangsu Province
• 2014 “Meiqi Hezi” was awarded the golden prize at the OPPO Lighting LED Design Competition
• 2014 Awarded second prize at the 14th Culture and Art Festival -"Spring in Jiangnan" in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province
• 2014 GPA ranked third for the academic year
• 2014 Work about dreams was awarded the prize for excellence in the online Youth Animation & Comics Contest
• 2014 “Animal Modeling” was awarded second prize in the 14th “Jiangnan Spring” Culture Festival artistic work collection contest
• 2013 As leader of MiG Studio Entrepreneurial team, awarded the prize for excellence in the “Night of Dream” competition
• 2013 Rong Zhiquan Scholarship (Municipal)
• 2013 GPA ranked first for the academic year
• 2013 Awarded finalist in the Zhisheng Food Packaging Creative Competition
• 2008 “Race with the Sun” was awarded third prize in the National Private Arts Competition, China Private Educationist Association


• 2019 Talk at EVA conference (Electronic Visualization and the Arts) at CAS (Computer Arts Society) in London.
• 2019 Talk at Innovation in Immersive Art & Tech UK-China workshop at Goldsmiths chaired by Dr Sylvia Xueni Pan, Annie Guo, and Prof William Latham, sharing my artistic practices under the theme of learning the practicalities about doing business with China. Also an opportunity to form a consortium for a further AHRC grant.
• 2018 Assisting Conductive Coding Workshop at Tate Modern organized by Dr Sarah Wiseman and Emilie Giles, exploring E-textiles form a kinetic responsive interfaces.
• 2018 Projection Mapping Masterclass assistant with Dr Blanca Regina
• 2017 Volunteered at 4th MOCO (International Conference on Movement and Computing), London, UK
• 2017 Living Data City Challenge Hackathon in Eindhoven, Netherlands
• 2016 Sex Robotics Tech Hack 2016 in London, UK
• 2015 Spring Workshop in Central Lancashire, UK
• 2015 UK Interactive Patina of Culture Spring Workshop in Science and Education New Town, Tai Cang, China
• 2014 Interactive Patina of Culture” Winter Workshop in Science and Education New Town, Tai Cang, China


• 2018 Performance of “Skin-awareness” was published on Creativeapplications

• 2017 Performance of “Baptism/Digital Shaman” was published on DesignBoom, Arts in Paris, Manamana (Chinses news media arts main-stream platform) and Korean platform et al, and received highly prominent viewings, more than 51,000 views online in total (and comments)

• 2015 Participated in the Shanghai OF COURSE Aircraft Workshop (2015/7/4)
• 2015 Participated and presented at the Shanghai MANA New Media Art Technology Sharing (2015/11/30)
• 2015 Promoted as Visual Talent by Guangzhou Wanwanpi (2015/11/30)
• 2015 Promoted as new creative people by Meantime creative magazine (2015/10/20)


• 2018 Working as a Teaching assistant for Workshops In Creative Coding, Principles and Applications of Programming C++, and Introduction to Programming in Goldsmiths, University of London
• 2015 Intern at Ant Finance Alibaba Information Technology Co., Ltd. Responsible for interaction, web and UI design
• 2015 Participated in the expression design of KFC Coffee Cups via a Micro Messaging Platform
• 2015 Branding design and production of promotional content CCTV’s Financial Channel


• COMPUTER SCIENCE, PROGRAMMING: C++, Java, Python, Html, P5.js, and Shader
• PROGRAMMING SOFTWARE OR IDK: MAX/MSP (visual programming language), Wekinator (machine learning software), OSCulator (OSC protocol supporter), OpenSignals (Bitalino Biomedical equipment related software), Processing
• HARDWARE: Bitalino (Biomedical equipment), Arduino, Myo (gesture control armband), Kinect (motion sensing input devices), Leap Motion (gesture sensing controller) and NeuroSky headsets (EEG mind wave headsets)
• SENSORS & PROTOCALS: Ultrasonic sensor, IR sensor, Touch sensor, LSM9DS1 IMU board, OSC, TCP/ IP and DMX Protocol
• ALGORITHM & APPLICATION: Machine Learning, Physical Computing, Interactive Data Visualisation, Facial Tracking, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Gesture Control, Audio Visual, Pattern Recognition, L-system, Game of Life system, Generative Algorithm, Optic Flow and Boids system
• FABRICATING TOOL: FDM 3D Printer (Cura, Ultimaker), SLA 3D printer (PreForm), Laser Cutter/Engraver (Epilog M2 40 Fusion), Vinyl cutter, Desktop CNC Mill (PCB milling), Janome (digital embroidery machine), Diwire (CNC wire blender), Eagle (PCB Design & Schematic Software) and Fritzing (prototype software)


• DESIGN SOFTWARE: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Flash, Flash Catalyst
• 3D MODELING: Cinema 4D (I trained professionally in Shanghai Crystal Digital Technology C0.LTD for one month), MAYA (trained professionally in Beijing HXSD film special effects training center for two months), 3D MAX, Zbrush, Fusion 360, Blender, Rhino, Unity, Real Flow, Sketch up
• COMPOSITION: Nuke, Adobe After Effects, Da Vinci Resolve, Edius, Final Cut Pro, Mental Ray (render engine), Vray(render engine), Allegorithmic Substance Painter(Texture painting software)
• RENDER COMPUTATION: Computational Fluid Dynamics, Rigid-body Dynamics, Cloth Simulation, Motion Capture, Particle Calculation, Skeleton Binding, Optimizing Global Illumination Calculation, Texture plot, Weight plot, Law of Motion, Hair Simulation, Collision Simulation, Blast simulation