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by Friendred, on March 07, 2017 - INTERACTION

Conception A3 ENVIRONMENTAL/LOTUS'SRIDGE from Friendred on Vimeo. “even when you go off the grid, you might still be on it”- The Jefferson Grid, environmental scale is

A4 planetary / EMBROYDERY

by Friendred, on March 07, 2017 - INTERACTION

Conception A4 PLANTARY from Friendred on Vimeo. All the creatures are the unit of planet. The whole planetary system run according to cosmic rules. On the other hand, there are


by Friendred, on March 07, 2017 - INTERACTION

Conception Working in space station and travelling in outer space, sexual behavior and stimulation of hormones are realistic question which cannot be avoid, in 2000, there is an experiment in


by Friendred, on March 02, 2017 - INTERACTION

DIST-ANCE from Friendred on Vimeo. From a microcosmic perspective, this installation can be regarded as a meta-narrative, simplified as a relationship between humans and nature. When you stand far away

Porn Code

by Friendred, on January 10, 2017 - INTERACTION

PORN CODE from Friendred on Vimeo. CONCEPT Sexuality is something that is still enormously sensitive today. From different religions and cultures the embarrassment of the nudity and the idea of

Red Psycho

by Friendred, on July 02, 2016 - INTERACTION

Red Psycho Freud’s unconscious mind and the three agencies, the id, the ego and the superego, has dramatic influences on understanding psychiatric disorders. According to Freud, neurotic conflict happens


by Friendred, on August 26, 2015 - INTERACTION

INTERACTIVE PATINA OF CULTURE Friendred / Manong / Yolando / Tina / Jack Nature is nobody - Nature inherently deserves respect - How to respect something that does not belong to anything/body? When

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